Our Team

The elite that makes the miracle

The main headquarters of CAC is situated in a beautiful 800-year-old building, originally a St. Julian Church, renovated by Al-Quds University in cooperation with the Welfare Association. Through its professional staff of different backgrounds and expertise, the CAC aims to empower the disadvantaged Palestinians of East Jerusalem to access their rights and entitlements and negotiate the complex bureaucratic procedures that control the flow of these rights. This mandate translates into empowering local residents to organize to solve collective problems with particular attention to social and economic inequality, and to mobilize their own volunteer capacity.
Mounir Nusseibeh
Mounir Nusseibeh General Director
Rawan Dajani
Rawan DajaniDeputy Director
Ahlam Shaheen
Ahlam ShaheenAdministrative assistance
Ashraf Qaraen
Ashraf QaraenAdvocate
Elham Shaheen
Elham ShaheenCommunity Organizer
Radi Darwish
Radi DarwishAdvocate
Rima Rizk
Rima RizkCommunity Advocacy Coordinator
Alaa Soumera
Alaa Soumera Trainee lawyer
Mohamed Shihabi
Mohamed Shihabi Legal Services Unit Coordinator
Mounir Marjieh
Mounir Marjieh International Advocacy Coordinator

About us

In 1999 Al-Quds University created the “Community Action Center” (“CAC”), a semi autonomous association, which aims to empower the Palestinian community in East Jerusalem. The CAC, located in the Old City of East Jerusalem as well as in the Al-Abraj Buildings in Abu Dis, is a Palestinian non-profit community rights-based organization.

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