About Community Advocay Unit

Due to the Community Action center interest in strengthen the Palestinian society in Jerusalem, which faces _under the Israeli occupation_ continuous attempts to dismantle its social structure, the center decided to create new community advocacy unit as a branch of Advocacy unit.

The community advocacy unit aims, through the internship strategies and social education, to support the positive community instructors, and reserve its union, moreover, to activate its role and its capacity through a working program aims to:

  1. Raise awareness in the foundations of society and the importance of preserving them.
  2. Create community leaders able to organize and manage the society in all its categories.
  3. Strengthen the role of the marginalized groups like women through raise awareness in the importance of these groups and helping them to integrate in the center of the community instead of the outskirts, in consequence, keeping them inside the social united frame and avoid using it to dismantle the community and its union.
  4. Raise the individual’s awareness to their rights and duties towards the community.    

The community advocacy unit aims through its work to stabilize the following values:

  1. Justice, equality, and equal opportunities.
  2. Liberty from injustice and persecution from the community or the occupation.
  3. Strengthen the individual liberty and create the appropriate social frame to practice it.

The center works on functioning its experiences in the advocacy field through communicating and exchanging experiences and information with different related Palestinian civil society institutions, improving tools and strategies in this new field in order to build a strong united Palestinian community in Jerusalem, able to face the attempts to dismantle its social structure and weaken it from inside.

About us

In 1999 Al-Quds University created the “Community Action Center” (“CAC”), a semi autonomous association, which aims to empower the Palestinian community in East Jerusalem. The CAC, located in the Old City of East Jerusalem as well as in the Al-Abraj Buildings in Abu Dis, is a Palestinian non-profit community rights-based organization.

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