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Sheikh Jarrah situation during February 2022

The Community Action Center field researchers joined the effort in giving the Palestinian residents under threat a way to voice their stories. The devastating humanitarian impact happening in sheikh jarrah was at an all-time high in February 2022. Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah residents are under constant threat of eviction and house demolition by Israel. Israeli officials and settlers are continuously harassing Palestinian residents. Specifically Aryeh King and Itamar Ben-Gvir. The report focuses on the stories told by Palestinian residents and specifically the cruel treatment directed towards women and children. The report highlights different types of settler activity, usually violent and directed at the Palestinian residents. The report further investigates the practice of Garin Torani, a form of settler activity Israelis use to Judaize Palestinian neighbourhoods. Furthermore, the report discusses the specific laws concerning land ownership, the same laws Israel created and designed to evict Palestinians from their properties and transfer them to the state of Israel or to its Jewish population. Additionally, the impact dispossession and evictions have on the mental health of Palestinian children and adolescents is presented in the report.

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In 1999 Al-Quds University created the “Community Action Center” (“CAC”), a semi autonomous association, which aims to empower the Palestinian community in East Jerusalem. The CAC, located in the Old City of East Jerusalem as well as in the Al-Abraj Buildings in Abu Dis, is a Palestinian non-profit community rights-based organization.

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