Friday, 23 August 2019

Outreach and Community Organization:

Mass support is achieved through several means such as building coalitions and public advocating in order to activate the role of the local community in solving the social problems. In addition, the local groups are organized in groups to increase their impact on the various policies related to the social issues especially among Jerusalemites. There are several social problems resulting from the current social policies where these problems affect the daily life of people in Jerusalem. Thus, there is a need to work on empowering the marginalized groups and activate their role in protecting their rights as well as protecting their identity and dignity alongside with achieving the change that serves their needs. There is a need to work on changing the services system in the city in a manner that serves the community in general and East Jerusalem in focus.

Outreach Program

Through a group of volunteers and professionals, the Community Action Center contacts people daily through field visits to the individuals and families at their houses and the various services locations as well as meeting people in the streets and other places in order to identify their needs and recruit volunteers to its activities. In addition, through such visits, the volunteers help under privileged segments to get the services of the Center in the field in case they are not able to reach the center.