Friday, 23 August 2019

Community Education Unit

The focus of this unit is to assist community members who have had interrupted schooling. As part of the Community School  Program  University volunteers run sessions in academic support classes, psycho-social support, mental health programs, cultural and identity programs. As part of the Civic Education Program, volunteers from the University run programs that target children and youth to engage in their community. The program reinforces concepts of participation, democracy, citizenship, leadership and social initiatives to improve the whole community.

Community Schools Program:
This program cares for providing educational and cultural support to different groups of students most in need in Jerusalem’s communities in and outside the old city. University students from different departments volunteer to provide reinforcement, support and empowerment through educational and cultural activities to students aiming to improve their scientific performance and develop their skills in expressing their thoughts and feelings in order to relieve the pressures enforced by the political conditions of Israeli occupation in which they live in. This program uses training mechanisms, and educational and non-educational activities to help release any psychological stress from the pressures of daily life.