Success stories

Mohammad Julani

Mohammad Julani added a second floor to his parent’s home, so that he could have an apartment for his wife and children. He applied for a permit with the Municipality of Jerusalem, but it was rejected, but due to a lack of housing options, he opted to build this addition regardless of the fact that he did not have a permit.

The municipality began to fine him for illegal construction. The first fine was 36,000 NIS, which As Mohammad was disabled and unemployed; he gathered money from his friends and family to pay this fine, causing him to incur multiple debts.

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Fayez Qwaider

In 2012, Fayez Qwaider, a permanent resident  of Jerusalem, married a woman from Nablus and brought her to live with him in Jerusalem. Two years later, the couple had a baby boy.

However, according to the consolidated version of the ‘Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law’ (5763-2003), a resident of the region who marries a resident or citizen of Israel must apply for family unification to stay in Jerusalem with his or her spouse.   The Law alsoallows for children under the age of 14 who are born to a parent who is acitizen / resident of Israel, to receive the same status as this parent. For Fayez’s wife and son to legally reside with him in Jerusalem, he must tosubmit a family unification request on behalf of his wife, and an application for his son to be included in Israel’s population registry with the Israeli Ministry of Interior (MoI).

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