This unit is based in CAC's Abu Dis location in a building that belongs to Al-Quds University but is based outside the campus. This makes it more accessible to the local community of Abu Dis, Bethany and Sawahreh.

The center aims at helping student volunteers and interns to organize, lead, sustain  or be involved in programs that help the local community in the south-eastern outskirts of Jerusalem. The main beneficiaries of this program have included local schools, teenagers, persons with disabilities, and others. In its work with the local community, the center uses methods of social education and focuses on promoting positive values that empowers individuals in their own communities such as sharing, democracy, citizenship, leadership and community action methods.

The program in Abu Dis aims at providing a two-fold service to the community. The first is to empower student volunteers and trainees at Al-Quds University and other universities to lead their own initiatives and to learn from their own leadership experiences. The second is to help the disadvantaged members of the community by providing professionally supervised services that are steered by motivated students.