Friday, 23 August 2019


Al-Majami is a project which aims to support the participation of one Italian volunteer in the program of activities of the Community Action Center directed at promoting the active citizenship and equal participation of youths and adolescents living in the Old City of Jerusalem in the process of the community’s social change.

Through this project, Silvia Calcavecchio, the Italian volunteer was greeted at the CAC to establish and implement an activity for the Youth which will increase the active citizenship of the participants in creating social change.  The idea of the project workshops was established with the cooperation of the centers community organizer, Ilham Shaheen under the name of “Learn about your country through self expression”. The workshops aim for the group of teenagers between the age of 13-15 to gain the skills of self expression within their writing that will reflect their favorite places, landmarks in their city including their personnel and historical memory within the place chosen.

In addition to the affect of the project on the teenagers, the project itself will have a big impact on the volunteer. By interacting with the young group, Silvia will be introduced to the Culture and Traditions of the Palestinian communities giving her the opportunity to develop intercultural experience. 

The outcome of the project will be a printed guide put together by the participants themselves containing historical information about the places chosen with a sprinkle of their special history added