Vission & Goals



Advocacy, empowerment, support, and activation of the roles of individuals, groups, organizations and different community categories especially the marginalized ones to change the policies and legislation that aim to access social and economic rights which contribute in developing the civil community in Jerusalem and Palestine in general.


The Community Action Center’s MISSION is threefold:

CAC believes that this empowerment and practice of the rights-based approach is the key to developing a self-sufficient and self-reliant civil society whose members are active as individuals and as members of a community in fostering equity and social change.

Center’s Objectives

  1. Enhancing the individuals, groups and community organizations skills and abilities.
  2. Advocating and empowering individuals, different population sectors and related organizations to access their social and economic rights.
  3. Affecting the changes of the social policies and developing the services structure to meet the needs of the different community categories.
  4. Developing and deepening the relationships between the academic and civil organizations and the local community and activating their role in providing the needed services.
  5. Organizing the different community resources to serve the civil society.
  6. Developing, empowering and supporting the role of the civil society organizations in serving the Palestinian civil society.
  7. Developing and activating the voluntary work in serving and meeting the needs of the civil society organizations.
  8. Encouraging the studies and researches to serve and develop the civil society and improve the community education procedures.