How we achieve our goal?


Community-based International Advocacy in Action

Know the issues

Our legal and community organizing work ensure that we have good information about the issues people are facing as well as strong links to the individuals and their families who are dealing with them. This is the foundation of our advocacy. We understand how issues people are facing are connected as part of a system that denies individual rights and entitlements. Building on this information and these connections allows us to build the skills, knowledge, confidence and interest of local and international communities to respond immediately to urgent concerns and to mount mid and long-term campaigns to stop illegal and inhumane practices.

Promote links between people and groups

We work collaboratively with other organizations, groups and individuals. We initiate and actively support networks to work on specific issues as needed. (e.g. punitive residency revocation) and are active participants in on-going coalitions and networks. We value on-going communication and dialogue with other groups and individuals. This is how we build connections between groups and support a stronger, collective response to needs and issues.

Support people and communities affected by the issues

People who must deal with issues of discrimination and violation of basic rights have an important contribution to make to advocacy strategies. We actively engage with community members to support them to tell their stories, to take on different roles in our campaigns and actions and to engage with members of other local and international communities and Third party State representatives. We encourage and support community members to be informed and involved by offering media training, organizing community education forums, supporting participation at briefings and on panels, etc.

Mobilize Supporters

We want local and international supporters to know and to ACT. Our strategy involves developing tools and activities that supporters can use to promote action from those institutions and individuals with the power to make the changes we need to see. Building our base of support and the influence and power to make change is a long term process. We think creatively and strategically about how to use social and mainstream media, community actions, lobbying and other tools and activities to make progress on our campaigns.